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Sailor TT 3026M/S/D mini-C

The SAILOR mini-C solutions are designed to minimize the airtime traffic you need to pay for. As one of the few solutions on the market the built-in Vessel Monitoring System allows event based position reporting. This means that the solution only transmits when it is truly necessary. At the same time the SAILOR mini-C provides the owner with a range of other useful applications for the technology - such as e-mail, free Enhanced Group Call reception and Inmarsat-C maritime distress.

The SAILOR mini-C products from Thrane & Thrane are the world's first mini-C tracking solutions. They consist of one small integrated unit housing a 12-channel GPS receiver, Inmarsat-C antenna and transceiver. Fully sealed and water proof, the mini-C is designed and approved for maritime installations. Yet, it weighs only 1.1 kg and measures 16 cm in diameter. This means it is very easy to fit, cabling costs are low, and weak links in the installation are minimized. The result is a reliable and cost efficient tracking and safety solution.

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