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Inmarsat South African Services

Imtech South Africa is equiped to supply and service all Inmarsat products and services in South Africa.

InmarsatInmarsat offers the most comprehensive range of global mobile satellite services for use on land, at sea and in the air. Stay in touch even in the most remote places with Inmarsat's range of mobile satellite solutions, including broadband data and voice and handheld phone services.

Imtech South Africa is well equipped to supply and service all products within the Inmarsat stable.

Inmarsat iSatPhone Pro

IsatPhone_ProIsatPhone Pro is targeted primarily at professional users in the government, media, aid, oil and gas, mining and construction sectors. It is now in stock and is the first global handheld from Inmarsat.

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Imtech works in around 25 countries, having a worldwide network of 80 support offices along the major shipping routes throughout practically all continents.

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